Is CureMD EMR a Good Choice For Your Practice?

CureMD is a cloud-based solution that manages a variety of administrative and clinical activities. It assists with appointment scheduling to patient reporting to billing and payment. CureMD EMR is an appropriate choice for a wide range of healthcare institutions and specialties of various sizes.

CureMD EMR allows you to view and update a patient’s medical records, as well as automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks. CureMD provides you with convenient access to all of the patient data and medical records you need, allowing you to better communicate with patients and deliver high-quality care. It provides interoperability and smooth connectivity to more than 40,000 pharmacies, payers, electronic labs, hospital networks, providers, and many stakeholders. CureMD SMART cloud is ONC 2015 edition compliant. Additionally, it is MIPS, Meaningful Use stage 2, and 3, ready.

Benefits of Using CureMD EMR Software


The CureMD EMR software integrates and interoperates with multiple services, systems, platforms, and technologies in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, pharmacies, labs, insurance payers, radiology service providers, cancer or immunization registrars, and other stakeholders can seamlessly share information through CureMD EMR Software.

CureMD, for example, employs advanced lab interfacing technology that enables you to communicate with various laboratories in real-time. Lab integration allows you to order lab tests and receive test reports from laboratories through the internet.

Customized Features

With the help of CureMD EMR Software, you can develop and execute automated workflows customized to your practice style and preferences. CureMD can be tailored to the needs of any medical practice, regardless of specialty. You can customize other software features, such as dashboards, billing, and scheduling.

Mobile EMR app

CureMD’s intuitive and user-friendly mobile EMR software allows you to run and handle your practice on the go. The app can be easily accessed on iPad and iPhone and lets you access patient information and perform specific tasks from any location at any time.

The app allows you to schedule patients, check daily appointments, create notes, and access patient records seamlessly. The CureMD app also enables you to electronically administer medications, receive payments, and check patients’ insurance eligibility while being away from the clinic.

Top Features of CureMD EMR Software

Patient Portal

CureMD has a patient portal intended to make it easier for you to communicate with your patients. Patients can easily schedule appointments, request prescription refills, receive available test reports, and review their medical records through the patient portal. Overall, the patient portal results in a stress-free and smooth patient experience.


The e-Prescription feature offered by CureMD allows you to connect with pharmacies to refill requests or conduct controlled substance e-prescribing. e-Prescription also provides timely notifications regarding drug-to-drug interactions.

Practice Management System

CureMD EMR integrates with a cloud-based Practice Management System that provides clinical, organizational, and financial benefits to healthcare practices. Thanks to its robust functionalities and flexible interface, CureMD is one of the top choices for automating your business processes and lowering unnecessary overheads.

Medical Billing

CureMD has 20 years of experience in medical billing and is equipped with cutting-edge technology and operational excellence to help drive billing operations forward.

CureMD Medical Billing Service handles every aspect of your billing, including claim formation, rapid filing, appeals, payment uploading, tracking, and effectively directing practice staff to get you paid 6% more and 35% faster.

CureMD EMR Pricing

The software offers a minimum upfront subscription package, along with professional hosting, training, security, and support services. CureMD EMR provides the following subscription models.

Practice Management (PM): $195/month/provider

EHR: $295/month/provider

For all-in-one suite (EHR + PM): $395/month/provider

For billing services: 4% of collections

What Do Users Say About CureMD EMR Software?

If you’re wondering about what users say about CureMD EMR Software then, don’t worry. We have gathered CureMD EMR reviews from different websites to give you a clear picture of the software.

According to the users, Cure MD saves you a lot of time and effort when doing organizational and financial tasks. The EMR is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can also easily access some features through the app, which is super helpful while you’re on the go.

Users’ only dislike about the software is that it is solely accessible via internet explorer, and you can’t access it on other browsers. Due to this drawback, there are periodic glitches that can hinder your progress.

Our Two Bits about CureMD EMR Software

CureMD provides the flexibility and scope that practice requires to succeed, whether it’s maximizing the value of care for patients, increasing reimbursements, or simply staying ahead of the technology curve. Many healthcare providers use CureMD EMR Software to boost their medical practice, achieve seamless communication with stakeholders, and provide better patient care and experience.

The best EMR for your medical practice is the one that provides you with the full features and functionality. We suggest you list down your EHR requirements and then further analyze CureMD’s features. You can also schedule a CureMD EMR Demo to get a clear picture of the software.