The Demise of File Converters? Well, Here’s the Remedy!

As a student, taking on a master’s degree in software engineering was a challenge in itself. The lifelong dream of becoming a software engineer to get a fulfilling lifestyle and all the other perks that come with it. Now, what I thought was that it’s gonna be a smooth Bugatti style ride for the next four years of my University life but what I got was more of an 1980’s Volkswagen ride. The core of all my problems was that I was just overwhelmed with assignments, curriculums, deadlines, projects, etc. Aside from all that going on, I was also working as a freelance programmer and everything just kept piling on top of everything else. In short, my life was miserable!!

The reason I’m writing this review is that is one of the biggest solutions to one of my biggest problems at hand. I am now three years in my master’s degree and this Online File Converter has helped make my life so much easier. While I was overwhelmed with all the workload most of my work included file conversions on a daily basis. As a programmer and a student I had to make countless conversions a day and it took almost all my time that could’ve been used for so many other productive outcomes. I had to go from one tab to another to convert files of different formats. One could convert this number of file conversions but the other could convert the formats that I needed and it was so hard to keep track of all these websites. I asked every single person I know for a better File converter but everyone had solutions that covered their own needs but I needed something that covered everything!!

It Does Everything For Free!

lt has literally anything you can possibly ask from a free/paid file converter. It truly was a gift from God for me because it helped me down from working 12 long hours a day after taking my daily classes to only working for 7 hours a day. This helped me work on some other things that I had planned. I had time for entertainment, friends, sports, the list goes on. I finally felt like a bachelor’s student. As absurd as it sounds all credit goes to

One of the many features it has is that you can make an unlimited amount of conversions daily without any problems. This helped me a lot because all the other file converters I had dealt with in the past had a limit on conversions that could be made in a day and for further use it asked for a paid subscription, as a student who could barely afford his own rent I couldn’t pay them a dime for anything. It also supports 90 file formats in total that can be converted. The software itself is incredibly convenient and user-friendly. Another unique feature it has is that it doesn’t have any kind of limit for file-size that can be converted through the software, no matter how big or fairly small the file-size is it can still be converted and this comes in really handy when you’re making assignments on a daily basis. It also provides an instant file download which really helps you save time.

On top of all that, it is completely free! How cool is that? I can’t name any other online service that is as reliable and still free for everyone’s use. For students like myself, it feels like a blessing or should I say a donation. I wouldn’t mind paying for a subscription now as I have a job and it’s affordable for me but at the time I discovered it, I had nothing in pockets besides my rent and lunch money. I hope they keep on adding new features and rise on top of the market which they most likely will in the coming years.

Security Is Their Number One Priority

Many students and freelancers of any sort face this problem with online software’s. Consumer-end data has been stolen off the internet since it was created and it is a proven fact and with many free online services this is exactly the case. Data-integrity should be the number one priority whenever you’re about to use an online service even if it is paid. The reason I’m saying this is because with my experience I’ve had my file stolen, manipulated, deleted, etc. I’ve also had my laptop hacked through one of these online software’s. This is why I always ensure the safety of my data.

If we strictly talk about online file converters, most of them use Server-end technology to support and sustain all the conversions made through the website integrated software. This is actually a cheaper method to maintain a network and it allows them to keep logs of all the conversions and save data that compromises Data-integrity and security. But with that is not the case, they use more of a Browser-end approach to keep the interface smooth in general. This way they cannot keep logs of the conversions and all your files are completely secure.

One Hundred Percent Recommended!

To utilize your time and effort you have to make good decisions which in the long run help you out even more. Using was one of those decisions for me because it helped me save so much time from my overwhelming schedule. Finally, I have a file converter that covers all my needs. Now I can freely convert as many files I want, regardless of its format, size or security. I highly recommend it to anyone who is or has been through what I have experienced. It saves you time, keeps your data safe, allows you to convert as many times you want, smooth interface, no file-size limit! What more can you ask for?

In the end, I just wanna salute the developers of this software who have created such a masterpiece and still don’t ask for paid subscriptions. I hope whoever you are to reach your goals and develop this platform to its utmost extent.