Best Tools To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On The Website

Instagram is a popular and one of the most highly used social media platforms with around 500 million daily active users.

This brilliant social media platform serves as an amazing medium to increase communication between users and brands.

Brands and marketers are making use of this social media platform to increase their user engagement, increase their brand presence and visibility, and eventually boost their conversions and sales.

A lot many brands are getting creative with their marketing strategies to maximize their sales. One of the most efficient methods to doing so is to embed Instagram hashtag feed on the website.

Over the years, hashtags have made a place for themselves and are being used majorly by brands to increase the visibility of their products and services on Instagram.

Top Tools To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Instagram

Embedding Instagram hashtag feeds on a website is a highly effective method to market your products and services.

While embedding may look like a technical process, it is not as difficult as it seems, and using a responsive and user-friendly tool, you can easily embed Instagram hashtag feed using a few steps.

Let’s get started!

#1 Taggbox Widget

Topping the list is Taggbox Widget, a highly responsive Instagram aggregation tool using which you can easily collect, curate and embed Instagram hashtag feed on your website.

Apart from this, the highly efficient tool is super easy to set up and enables the users to customize the feed as per the overall look of the website. The users can choose their preferred layouts, theme, font, colours, and other branding options as per their preference.

Taggbox has a powerful moderation panel leveraging which the users can remove any obscene or inappropriate content with the profanity filter and maintain the content of premium quality.

Using Taggbox, you can embed Instagram Hashtag feeds on various website building platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and many more.

Analytics play a vital role in understanding how the feed is performing. Using the Taggbox widget, you can analyze the total impressions, the number of clicks and users visited, and other crucial in-depth details related to the performance of your feed.

The tool enables the users to choose their connection type, and you can seamlessly collect the content from Instagram by choosing Hashtag as your source.

#2 Instagram Official Embedding

This is proof that Instagram itself understands the significance of embedding content on the website and hence offers this feature to the users.

However, the feature enables users to embed just one post at a time and the needful can be done using a desktop or a laptop and there is no additional option to customize the feed or moderate the content as per your convenience.

This tool does not offer the option of analytics too.

#3 Snap Widget

Snap widget is another efficient and user-friendly tool to collect and curate feed from Instagram by hashtags or usernames.

It is quite easy to embed Instagram Hashtag feed on your website when the tool provides the user with an HTML code using which the feed can be embedded on any webpage the user wishes to.

You can embed an Instagram feed in the form of a grid, slide show, or a photo map.

#4 Instush

Commonly referred to as a photo display tool, Instush enables the users to collect photos from a platform using hashtags and then create a wallpaper.

Instush offers around 14 types of gallery designs to choose from.

Using Instush, you can seamlessly embed the pictures on any online platform, including blogs and websites. The tool offers various features to beautify the feed as per the needs and requirements of the users.

Overall, Instush is a responsive widget used for embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website.


Instagram is an ever-growing platform and is getting more popular day after day. Brands, individuals, and bloggers must leverage the platform to increase their engagement with their users, target their potential customers, and ultimately increase their conversions and sales.

Embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website improves the overall look of your website resulting in increased dwell time of your visitors.

It is the most efficient way to improve your brand visibility and to build social proof. If you are a brand & are not leveraging this extremely powerful and result-driven marketing strategy, then you surely are missing out on an amazing opportunity to increase your conversion rate and sales!