New iMac 2021

The iMac design hasn’t significantly changed since 2007 until now. But Apple has finally redesigned their iMac, and the new design is so slim and colourful, there are seven colours in the new iMac 2021. It’s not only about the colour but also the specification. The new iMac also has a 24inch 4.5K Retina display. In announcing the arrival of the new iMac, Apple told about the new design – which helps Apple meet their “vision of making the computer disappear” than before – was made possible by the system of M1chip. The M1 Chip has arrived in the MacBook Air, pro, and mac mini in November 2020 and gained better reviews than previous.

iMac 2021 with M1 release date:

In the spring event on April 20th, 2021, Apple said that from April 30th, it would be open for preorder. It has not confirmed when the iMac will start shipping. Apple said that the iMac would begin shipping in “the last of May.” Apple said they would start shipping the iPad Pro 2021

and Apple TV on May 21st, so we expect iMac will work around the same Date. Apple has announced its new iMac preorder date. On April 30th, 2021, it will be available for preorder and available in the last of May. The same redesigned 27-inch iMac will join the new iMac, but we hope to see the larger iMac at the end of 2021.

iMac 2021 design and colour options:

The main changes to the iMac are something more skin-deep, with seven new colours, instead of previous models of iMac’s standard aluminium colour. The new iMac uses anodized aluminium in its slim design, and its colour is now in yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, silver, and green. The complete design is drastically slimmer; it is 11.5 millimetres thick and has a larger 24-inch screen. iMac screen has the same anti-reflective coating as Apple’s XDR, and the design is flatter than prior iMacs, without any hump in the back of the monitor. Apple M1 chip has also been used in Apple’s MacBook and the new iPad Pro 2021. Now iMac comes in a rainbow of colours. The stand has also been designed with a new L-shaped look. It meets with the display about two-thirds on the back of the monitor, with angle adjustment, but there is no height adjustment. Something never changes.

iMac 2021 with M1 ports:

The New 24-inch iMac comes with 4 USB-C ports, two of them are standard USB-C ports, but then another two are Thunderbolt ports, with greater bandwidth and power delivery. The exception to this is the inclusion of an Ethernet jack, but it’s not on the machine. LAN connectivity has been built into the power adapter. What’s not in the new iMacs? HDMI, SD card slots, and standard USB 2.0 connections.

iMac specs

The iMac redesign will undoubtedly be the big attention grabber, but a lot has changed on the inside.

The new iMac processor

Apple launched their first M1 chip mac on November 10th 2020. We were expecting that the new iMac will be designed with the M1X Chip, but unfortunately, it was not. But the M1 Chip in the new iMac is no slouch. We can see some stunning results in tests on the MacBook Air and pro in late 2020, and we hope for the same results for the new iMac. Apple said that the M1 Chip in the new iMac would give us up to 85 percent faster CPU performance than previous.


The M1 Macs all have integrated Apple’s own graphics system. The base model has a 7-core GPU, but the other 24inch iMac has a GPU of 8-core, the same setup as MacBook Air. Apple graphics avail to compete very well with the competition; it’s a piece of good news for all Apple users. Apple said, “up to 2x faster GPU performance for some apps like Photoshop and Affinity Photo, besides up to 50 percent faster than the most powerful graphics in the fastest 21.5-inch iMac.”

They also boast the “ability of five streams of 4K footage editing, or single stream of 8K footage editing in Final Cut Pro without dropping a frame rate”.

New iMac dimensions

The new iMac slimmer in design, and its thin is 11.5mm. It is 21.5inch (54.7cm) width and it is 18.1in (46.1cm) tall. The stand is 5.8inch (14.7). The slim dimensions are possible for the apple M1 chip.

iMac 2021 with M1 performance:

There are two classes in 24-inch Apple iMac 2021 models, the first one is with a lower-powered 7-Core GPU – similar to the Apple MacBook Air M1 2020, and the other one is the more powerful 8-Core model, which 8-core GPU found in the MacBook Pro M1 late 2020. All other specs are identically the same between the two basic configurations of the new iMac. Inside, the iMac boasts the M1 Chip, which includes graphics processing and other features like security. The base model of the new iMac comes with 8GB RAM storage is 256GB SSD. Also, the new iMac has a 6-speaker sound system that pair’s two woofers and makes Dolby Atoms sound. The system is also available in the accessories, including three new variants of the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Track Pad. The redesigned Magic Keyboard includes a Touch ID sensor in the top-right corner where the “Eject” key used to be. When the keyboard is plugged into iMac, the Touch ID sensor works then. If you plugged it up to an Intel iMac, the Touch ID functionality is gone, but the other keyboard functions work normally. We hope that as like all apple products, this new iMac with M1 Chip makes us satisfy with using apple products. That’s why Apple is one of the unique electronic companies in the world. When they launch their new product, our expectation from them is too high, and it’s a great thing they fulfill our expectation. So we can say that Apple is the best. Thank You.